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tap that shit!

Madd good weekend. I spent friday with tee and linnea and kim drivin around like maniacs(what else is new!?!) I also got to drive! And i changed my hair color and it looks madd good! staurday i spend a good 2 and a half hours gettin ready for tees party. when i waa staisfied me and kara went to the kingston mall and met up with e bay and went to his house after. then me and kk went to lunch at applebees and 2 meals and and appetizer and drinks only cost four dollars thanx to me! then blah blah blah happened for a while and we p[acked up karas car with lesbians and went to meet the partiers to go to the hanover mall and from the everyone would go to her beach house. when we got there i moved to a ford explorer(of course) to make room and by the time we left thre was like 15 cars filled with people!!!!!!!!! o shit thats not good. but tyes parents caught her and she had to go home(also not good) so every1 split up. i ended up going to a plarty the people in the explorer had which about 15 people went to. we luckily were transportin all the beverages to the party so we got them all. we played cup and i kept winnin. and some kid projectile vomited across the room at least 10ft NO LIE! then kara sash and linnea came and we too some drinks and left. we ended up splitin up even more and me and kk and sum other kids went to great hill in n-dub to sleep but at likie 2:30 in the morning we called sketchy brian and ended up sleepin at his house. we woke up to him not being home so we left. went home went to dunkies got ready went with my dad. i got to work on my baby(whose engine now works good) and it looks soooo great the only thing left to do is wax it and clean the top. of couse register and check up are musts. i also addmitted to doing something veeeeeeeery badddddd(really not good) "yea nolan you would trie to for sentances but only nonsense came out and you couoldnt figure out why so you just laughed."

o yea fuck the english dept.

am i forgetting anything kara?
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