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Sittin next to John Pedro

Only two days left of school. I got to drive th mother van around southie yesterday. i think i deserve my license now! i definatly parallel parked a conversion van in southie with no adult in the car.....TWICE! thank you thank you in set to drive. went to a porty in southie also. poor eric. i feel so bad for him. i miss him living with me too. o well i printed out my summer jasm tickets today. i cant wait! ewww final.s i hope i do weel opn report cards or some major ass kissing is to be done to get my explorer. sunday was fun going with kris and all those other peeps i just met. going to ponds everyone driving licking fingers. eating at chilis squishing peeps into a small car. madd fun! i hope i can see some if not all of them again soon. o yea im here sittin next to john pedro. hes an aries. random huh? I HATE MOWING THE LAWN! MANUAL LABOR IS NOT MY THING THATS POOR PEOPLE SHIT!!!!!!!!.......... hungry.
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