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OOO!.....That felt wonderful!

Again i was shut-down by Mike. o well.
i kinda needed to get to the hellmouth
today but i dont know anyone else who
lives there and drives. i watched the
biographyon buffy last night and the
season finaly of will and grace.

Grace: Karen, isnt the captain your limo
Karen: Drive a boat, drive a car, drive
a plane, who cares as long as I'm drunk!

Only four more days left of school! i
cantwait until summer! the first
weekend of summer is gonna be the
ultimate party weekend! its as follows,
Friday- after prom party at tyes beach house
Staurday- breakfast with my friends in the
morning and the kiss concert all day and night
Sunday-my friends graduation party with a pool
monday-summer jam with linnea!

hell yea. i hope this long weekend is a
good 1i feel so bad for erc. i hope
everything turns out ok.
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