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I know thats what i wanna see first thing in the morning....unusable china

yea we got some award ceremony at my school for some people we want to thank for something they did................can you tell i care. so i'm gonna leave early, im bizouncin from dis piece! this is proablty the last post i will make in rhis country for a while but ill try to post while im in spain. me and kk went to the hospital last nite to see a friend and were going again today. ramdom scary guy from the eighties was in the hospital. but dance 2nite. :`( ooooooo hey i wonder if they'll have one in spain! but ill most def be checkinmy email so email me alot. gettin my hair colored today. oooooo and yetserday i got my face botoxed. i could stick myself with sharp and pointy objects and not feel it! yes! "((angrily)) hey what is wrong with you!" "((cheerfully)) hehehe i have intreatable cancer!" what else to say OH! i talked to the dyke 2day for a long time on multypul occasions. thats a great going away gift :)!(mike the dyke not my baby)
yo no se como hablar espanol! Ese es no una buena cosa! que latima.
im comin back on friday and it would be really cool if i got picked up in a limo filled with all my friends!!!((hint hint nudge nudge))

Ohand kara make sdure you tape the new buffys i will miss! and take good care of ms. edith for me. and dont let here trown any wild parties. o and make sure she takes a bath b-4 bed. and one more thing be sure to tsake her for walks everyday! (ps dont mention ebay around her it gets her a little fired up!)

chow mis amigos. manana voy a viajar a espana!
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