Pat (sexyolnolan) wrote,

We shouldn't dwell on the destination in our life, but rather, the path we choose to get there.

lots of fun i got out of school today at 10:55! and you didnt. tee dance should be fun friday and i'm goin to hang out with kris today. friday i'm also gettin caramel highlights in my hair. ill look sooooo bangin fr the dance. too bad that kid jon could'nt come. i sent a while last ight talkin to him on the phone anf hes a madd cool kid. guess what his fav movie is..............yep CRUEL INTENTIONS!!! the only thing that keeps this week from being perfect is the fact that i have to get a tooth pulled tomorrow. death!

and now back to our regularly schedueled program......

Weekend's event(s): workin on my baby, tees party(or lack there-of) drivin with tee and kk.
Weekend's people: kara, dykey, sash, tye, karen, kim, britt, steve, homeless bob, brian, taryn and all the random people at the party i wound up at
Weekend's music: Linnea's cowboy mix, Kara's Semi-Obscure Random Punk Songs Volume 1, tyes tape
Weekend's highlight: portyin'! and seein my baby
Weekend's lowlight: seeing sum1 projectile vomit like 10ft less than 3ft away from me
Weekend's quote: tap that shit!
Weekend's lesson: be careful what you say when your drunk, even if it isnt true
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