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Screw magic withdrawals

You are torn between the paths of dark and light.
You possess qualities of both a pure wiccan and
a dark witch, and only you can choose which one
you will truly be. Remember, magic is a power
by which you will receive back times three -
choose carefully!

Buffy Quiz: Are you dark witch Willow or pure wiccan Tara?
brought to you by Quizilla

Pagan:you are deeply in touch with nature and need
no tools for the workings of your deep powers,
you rae more in touch with yourself, nature and
the continuos wheel than magic. Good for you!

Which type of witch are you? (different)
brought to you by Quizilla

yea its a nice thought and all not doing any spells or even glamors untill i settle down but.........i cant do it. hey i lasted four days thats gotta be a record.doin a bad memory release spell and it seems to be workin so far. freaky stuuf though i wouldnt recommend it. o and kk as a symbol of amends my gift to you is this.(although i dont know how well it will work) i dod a glamour on your car to make it appear less........mauled when they check it out. one of these days i i really dont slow down with the craft stuff im gona go phyco and try to destroy the world......naaaaa.
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