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One of these days yur gonna wake up in a coma

Long weekend was great. who cares about war. friday went to both malls drove the slutmobile and me and kk got in a big fight with eric kara toatally bitched him out on the way home. then saturday me n' tye went to the benificts and i got a silver anch pendant. we joined up with kara and eric went to chilis for lunch. i was a mad bitch to eric till he apologised. then we went to a new new age store in the 'tree. o and we wnet cosmic bowling sooo mad fun . i won too by a lot hehe. sunday i went with my dad to clean out my baby, a 93 ford explorer eddie bauwer edition! yea im mad rich! then i think i hung with kara and eric. moday was mad fun i went to southie for lunch and me and kara went to apple bees. we picked up linnea at her house and went to the mall. funnies quotes"then he completly bust all over my chest and i turned around and i was completly soaked."-linnea and "yea so i figure im young and its ok to experiment with the same sex"-kara madd funny then me and linnea drove madd madd funny. and i had breakfast with tbag on tuessday and watched buffy season 3. nice weather were havin too!
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